Early Addition: Beer at the airports is about to get cheaper than $27

Good Friday morning in New York City, where the Espresso Martini Festival is almost here. Here’s what else is happening:

Hundreds of New York City high school students gathered in Washington Square Park yesterday for a walkout in protest of the leaked Supreme Court draft decision threatening abortion rights.The Port Authority is imposing a new rule that beer at the three metro-area airports can’t exceed « street prices » plus a 10% surcharge, a decision sparked, in part, by last year’s viral story about a seasonal ale at LaGuardia going for $27.NYC Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez reportedly « f–ked up » the city’s effort to get extended operating hours for automated speed cameras by asking lawmakers in Albany for complete city control of the entire speed and red light camera system.The Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan may or may not have pulled out of its plan to allow the Tikvah Fund, a conservative Jewish organization, to host an onsite event after Tikvah invited Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to speak.Donald Trump is hitting the motivational speech circuit, but in a way that’ll basically allow him to get paid very large sums of money to hold campaign rallies.They’re making a Spinal Tap sequel.They’re not making a Superbad sequel.More shows about cops, firefighters and lawyers are coming to CBS.This Wall Street Journal story about the implosion of CNN+ basically says that the bosses at Discovery decided, why keep supporting a new subscription service that nobody is paying for when you could just make CNN.com better?People are not happy with Lionel Messi’s decision to get paid who knows how much to be a tourism ambassador for Saudi Arabia.For almost 90 years now, Americans have been mixing cereal with marshmallows.Follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you —sign up here.And finally, don’t poke the panda:

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