Lionel Messi took a glucose tablet VS Olympiakos UCL

Lionel Messi took a glucose tablet VS Olympiakos   UCL

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The camera lens captured Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who is dealing with something strange, in the tenth minute of his team’s match against Olympiakos of Greece.

Barcelona won an easy win over Olympiakos (3-1) in the Camp Nou game on Wednesday evening as part of the fourth round of group matches in the Champions League.

The Spanish newspaper « Sport » close to Barcelona, ​​that Messi took the tablet glucose, after being released from his socks, during the game, in a scene not noticed by many.

The Spanish newspaper pointed out that what the Argentine star did is normal and rolling among athletes in general.

For his part, journalist Ricardo Torquemada said that Messi did so, because the muscles in the first 15 minutes of physical effort are more receptive to this.
¿Que comió Messi durante el partido? Barcelona vs Olympiacos 3-1 Champions League
¿Que comió Messi durante el partido? El crack de Barcelona se sacó algo de la media y lo ingirió durante el partido con Olympiacos.
Barcelona vs Olympiacos 3-1 Champions League 18/10/2017
Una de las imágenes más llamativas de la primera parte del Barcelona-Olympiacos la protagonizó Leo Messi. Y no por meter su gol número 100 en competiciones europeas, sino por meterse un pequeño objeto en la boca mediada la primera parte del encuentro. La realización televisiva pilló ajustándose las medias al argentino, que justo en ese instante cogió ese diminuto elemento entre la media y la espinillera y lo ingirió. Pareció una pastilla.Según informó Catalunya Ràdio, Messi se tomó un comprimido de glucosa. No es la primera vez que lo hace.
enormes golazos, grandes asistencias y lujos de distinto tipo. Sin embargo, lo que en estos momentos destaca en la mencionada plataforma es el video en el que Lionel Messi se lleva un extraño objeto a la boca.

Las imágenes de este corto clip de YouTube dejan ver que en el partido de Champions League ante el Olympiacos, el mejor jugador del mundo hace una pausa para buscar algo que llevaba escondido en sus medias.

Para sorpresa de muchos, Messi se llevó el objeto a la boca. Mientras algunos creen que se trata de una pastilla que lo ayuda a rendir más en el campo, otros creen que simplemente es una especie de goma de mascar. Solo el crack sabrá qué fue.
What Lionel Messi ate from his sock during Barcelona 3-1 Olympiakos

You can watch the video of Messi taking his glucose tablet during the match here…

Catalunya Radio also added, per Marca, that Messi is known to rely on glucose pulls to control the nausea he occasionally suffers before and after matches.

« I don’t know if he took a glucose tablet, » Valverde responded when asked about the incident in his post-match press conference. « If it made him score a goal, then he should take a load of them… But I do know the players do take glucose. »
It’s now emerged, courtesy of Catalunya Radio journalist Ricard Torquemada, that it was a glucose tablet.

Torquemada, per Sport, added that Messi took the tablet at the moment because « before the first 15 minutes of physical effort is when the muscles are most receptive. »

Before anyone gets concerned, it’s perfectly normal for athletes to take these types of tablets, although we rarely see it happen during matches.

Valverde was also asked about a bizarre incident involving Messi in the 10th minute.

The Argentine superstar, who inspired his country to World Cup qualification last week, took something out of his sock and ate it, leading to speculation on social media as to what he’d consumed.
« I hope he reaches 200 goals this season! » Barça coach Ernesto Valverde joked, per ESPN, when asked about Messi’s latest landmark.

« His numbers validate what we see every day, he’s beating statistics that seemed impossible. He’s been doing it for a long time now, constantly breaking down barriers.
Lionel Messi scored his 100th European goal on Tuesday night to help Barcelona secure a 3-1 victory over Olympiakos at the Camp Nou.

The 30-year-old, who has been in magnificent form for club and country this season, made it 2-0 in the 61st minute after Dimitrios Nikolaou’s unfortunate first-half own goal put the home side ahead.

Lucas Digne then made it 3-0, thanks to an assist from Messi, while Nikolaou made amends for his own goal by netting a consolation for the visitors shortly before the full-time whistle was blown.
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Barcelona 3-1 Olympiakos: Lionel Messi scores 100th European goal as Gerard Pique sees red
Lionel Messi’s 100th European goal ensured 10-man Barcelona had little trouble in defeating Olympiakos 3-1 at the Nou Camp in the Champions League.

Dimitris Nikolaou

Barcelona as Messi first scored a free-kick, before assisting Lucas Digne for the third.

leo messi

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