Book Review  LEO MESSI  Did you know this video has a Leo

Book Review LEO MESSI Did you know this video has a Leo

This is the best #LeoMessi book for Kids.
#BookReview of – Lionel Messi – Real Bios
The Author of this Book is Marie Morreale.
This Real Bio is published by Scholastic.
This #BookReview is done by Aditya Lohani.

This is a very nice book as it is specially designed and created for kids. The story and all the information in the book has a well planned intro followed by five chapters. This is followed by glossary and other resources.
This is a perfect Gift if you are looking for presenting something to someone my age on a Birthday or just like that.

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Chapter 1 :- Chapter one talks about the early childhood of #LeoMessi. Like he was born on 24 June,1987 in Rosario a small town in Argentina. There are other photos and incidents about his playing days.

Chapter 2 :- Chapter 2 tells us about the time Messi left Argentina and went to Spain. How he joined Barcelona and the first time Messi got to play with the senior team of FC Barcelona against the Spanish club Espanyol in La Liga. This chapter takes us through his glorious playing days for Barca and for Argentina.

Chapter 3 :- Chapter 3 is in form of a QnA and Messi answers some really interesting questions like how he feels about his Success, Parties / his Haters and how he feels when he looses a match.
This chapter has a lot of learning for young players like me on what kind of mentality is needed to become a big time player.

Chapter 4 ;-
This chapter is more abouts facts and achiements of Messi. I will wait for your ANSWERS IN COMMENTS below

Chapter 5 talks about his future aspirations and plans and the book ends with a note about the Author Marie Morreale and her work.

You’ll like this book if you like :- Football, Lionel Messi, and FC Barcelona.
The highlight of this Book are some rare, cute and amazing photographs that take you through Messi’s life.

I will rate this book 4 out of 5.

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