LIONEL MESSI MOVING ON! Could the focus on the Barcelona

LIONEL MESSI MOVING ON! Could the focus on the Barcelona

With Lionel Messi’s intention to leave Barcelona revealed, ESPN FC’s Frank Leboeuf and Stewart Robson join Dan Thomas to answer your burning Messi questions and more in Extra Time, including:
(0:10) Is it a risk for another club to take Lionel Messi on? Could there be too much focus on him and the team ends up getting worse, similar to Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation at Juventus?
(2:28) Why has there been so much criticism of Neymar’s performance in the UEFA Champions League final vs. Bayern Munich, but not much said about Kylian Mbappe?
(4:53) What are Stewart’s thoughts on Gareth Southgate’s squad selection for England’s upcoming Nations League matches? Who was the most glaring omission?
(5:33) Frank, where do PSG need to strengthen the most to make another run in the Champions League next season?
(6:27) If Manchester United fail to make any summer signings, will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer get sacked at Christmas like Jose Mourinho did?
(7:03) Which club is least likely to retain it’s league title: Liverpool, Bayern Munich or Juventus?
(9:56) Does Chelsea have a chance of winning the Premier League with all of their summer signings?

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