Lionel Messi ignores Eder Sarabia in the break of hydration

Lionel Messi ignores Eder Sarabia in the break of hydration

Lionel Messi ignores indications of the technical body of the Barcelona
Barcelona it has practically given away LaLiga the Real Madrid this weekend with the draw against the Celta de Vigo, a duel in which it seems that the bomb exploded inside the team fc barcelona and shows a video that was presented in the TV Spain and that is already causing a frenzy in social networks.
This is Lionel Messi, which, in an attitude somewhat disrespectful, ignores the indications of the technical body of Quique Setien leaving to notice a rift between player and Staff.

It gave the time of the break of hydration, when the argentine exchanged views with his companions and suddenly about Eder Sarabia, assistant Setien, to talk with him and it turns leaving it with the word in the mouth.

Even on a second occasion, Iol to return to leave your pot of water and re-ignore Sarabia before the serious look and incredulous coach Barca in the background of the shot.

This scene is in harmony with the words of Luis Suarez at the end of that meeting, when you threw the dart at his strategist, ensuring that to get out of the crisis of results are the coaches.

And is that the losing streak that has dropped the Barcelona already has 2 points down Madrid in the fight for the title local, in addition to a series of scandals extracancha, as the output of Arthur the Juventus or the supposed fight between Messi and Antoine Griezmann.
Lionel Messi completely ignored Barcelona’s assistant manager during a drinks break in the 2-2 draw with Celta Vigo.

Eder Sarabia, with his Barcelona face mask on, was trying to give Messi instructions but the Barcelona talisman did his best impression of a rebellious 12-year old by not listening whatsoever,.

He blanked Sarabia on a couple of occasions as he takes a drink and puts it back – even walking away from Quique Setien’s right-hand man.
Footage of Messi not having a care in the world for Sarabia’s tactical advice has been doing the rounds on social media courtesy of Movistar El Partidazo.
There appears to be some tension between Messi and Sarabia, with there being reports in the Spanish press that the Blaugrana captain isn’t on the best of terms with the coaching staff.

In March, Messi reportedly had a ‘hard chat’ with Barcelona’s No.2 following the 2-0 El Clasico defeat to Real Madrid due to his touchline conduct.

Cameras caught Sarabia berating the Barca side during the game and Messi is said to have told the 39-year old ‘exactly what he thinks’, as per ESPN.
There’s a lot made of how much influence Messi has at Barcelona and the above video footage would suggest he does hold a great deal of power at the Nou Camp.

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