Liverpool news :  Lionel Messi: What Barcelona star did

Liverpool news : Lionel Messi: What Barcelona star did

As he danced past a host of Liverpool players down the right wing, he was finally tackled by a tenacious Andy Robertson. And after being humiliated with a cute body feint , James Milner was keen to get revenge. The veteran midfielder gave Messi a little shoulder barge which sent him tumbling. Messi was keen to make the most of it, rolling around to make the most of it.  He then held up an imaginary yellow card to try and get Milner booked. But then Lionel Messi turned to a nearby camera and smiled to toy with fans back home who could see what he was up to. Supporters picked up on the incident and took to social media to share their thoughts on the controversial smile. One fan wasn’t impressed with the rolling: “Messi’s sly smile after that mini roll-a-thon was addressed to Neymar, wasn’t it?”  Another said: “Messi simulate & smile in front of camera disgusting.” One fan believes Milner’s foul will come back to haunt him: “Milner bodied Messi for absolutely no reason at all and all Messi had was a smile on his face. This won’t end well for James Milner.” BT Sport pundit and former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand praised Messi before the game claiming his stats prove he’s better than the Brazilian Ronaldo and Diego Maradona. “The 10th consecutive season – 40 goals,” said.  “That’s unheard of. The stats he’s putting up is laughable. “You think back to yesteryear when we talked about Ronaldo, the Brazilian one, I loved him, great player, Maradona, great player. “If Messi put up numbers that they had in their best seasons we’d go ‘he’s off it this year’. “That’s how good he is, that’s the level he’s gone to. He’s a magician.”

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