Look at What happened between Lionel Messi & Edinson

Look at What happened between Lionel Messi & Edinson

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This week’s international friendly between Argentina and Uruguay was certainly a stellar match, resulting in a 2-2 match and Lionel Messi stealing the show with a goal and an assist, but the Argentinian starlet would also get people’s attention after a confrontation with one of Uruguay’s strikers, Paris Saint Germain’s Edinson Cavani.
That clash was a consistent part of the match for the vast majority of its duration. A few minutes before the end of the first half, both Messi and Cavani got tangled in a clash to one another, resulting in both of them getting yellow cards and building up the tension for the rest of the match.
This was pretty clear after the yellow cards when they were very close to fight one another and the rest of the Uruguayan players took Messi away from their teammate, avoiding the conflict but keeping the tension, as it was shown when they were both heading to the tunnel at the end of the first half.
Messi is a player that is not known for being very confrontational, but this clash with Cavani was a constant during the rest of the friendly match and it only build tension for a match that is highly regarded as one of the classics of South American football. And this time, Cavani and Messi were the ones responsible to make this happen.
Having said that, that did not stop Messi from having a great performance and helping his National Team to avoid defeat. On the first goal he threw a great cross to Manchester City’s striker, Sergio Agüero, from a free kick, thus allowing for Argentina to level the match after Uruguay’s first goal being scored by no other than Edinson Cavani.
Afterwards, Uruguay would take the lead with Messi’s partner in crime at Barcelona, Luis Suárez, scoring the second goal, but Argentina would get granted a penalty in the last few minutes of the match, which Messi managed to score and thus save the day for his countrymen.
Overall, it was a pretty exciting and competitive match, with both teams giving their all in typical South American fashion. But it was definitely that tension and clash between Cavani and Messi that gave the match a very special and competitive feel to it, casting aside the nature of a friendly match and both players wanting to give their all to win.
A draw seems to be the most fitting result.

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