Incredible video tribute to both Lionel #Messi and Cristiano

Incredible video tribute to both Lionel #Messi and Cristiano

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will go down as two of the greatest footballers to ever grace the game. 
We may never see an era dominated by the same two men again. For over a decade, the pair have been untouchable. 
Fans love to argue over who truly deserves the GOAT crown but in all honesty, it will be so hard to separate the two once they retire. 
Instead, we should just sit back and enjoy their brilliance for the time they have left on a football pitch. 
That seems to be exactly what one Twitter user is doing after posting a video comparing Messi and Ronaldo, which has since gone viral. 
It begins with footage of the pair celebrating success with their respective teams – Barcelona and Real Madrid. 
The comes a compilation of the pairs greatest goals back-to-back, with commentators gushing over the sheer brilliance of both men. 
After that, the video rolls into BT Sport pundits Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand praising Messi and Ronaldo, before their impact off the pitch is shown at the end. Check it out below:

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