Lionel Messi ● 10 Smartest Goals Ever  ► Clever Plays ||HD||

Lionel Messi ● 10 Smartest Goals Ever ► Clever Plays ||HD||

Lionel Messi 10 Goals with Smart Plays & Tricks | Messi Goals that Shows His Ability to Take Quick Decisions ||

Leo Messi is the most talented player of this century even his biggest haters admit that. Leo Messi pulled out put some unforgettable moments like Panenka penalty, penalty assist, dribbling the referee as a cover etc. After Lionel Messi’s penalty assist ‘Messi Magic™’ presented you the video « Lionel Messi – The 21st Century Football Genius » showing such smart skills, tricks, smart plays, quick decisions of Messi. Now time to present you 10 goals that show what a genius this guy is. Why it is said that « Lionel Messi plays football with his brain not just feet » or « Messi has brains in his foot. » will be even more clear after watching this.

Messi Smart Goals:
« Simple goal for him, for the rest of us nearly impossible. » This is how Sky Sports commentators were describing a Leo Messi goal against Valencia CF back in 2010. Yes, that’s how Messi does the job. He can change the game in just one move. There are goals when there was NO chance of goal or crowds of defenders making it impossible to score, just 1 move of Messi was enough to create space and score a goal. This compilation features such cunning goals of Messi.

Messi 10 goals with smart plays:
• Messi Vs Getafe : Messi Panenka penalty vs Getafe CF 2014/15 that Antonín Panenka himself (the founder of Penenka penalty) said to be the best penalty goal ever.
• Messi Vs Betis : Messi Goal vs Real Betis in 2010/11 Copa Del Rey. Just 1 touch was enough to beat couple of defenders and then he beat the goalkeeper with a nutmeg shot.
• Messi Vs Osasuna : Messi Hat-Trick Goal vs Osasuna 2011/12. One-two with teammates and then a sudden turn made whole defence look like statues.
• Messi Vs Sporting : Messi Goal vs Sporting Gijon 2009/10 where he fooled 3 defenders around him in just one move.
• Messi Vs Arsenal : Messi bullet-shot goal vs Arsenal FC 2009/10 where he played one-two with Arsenal defender Lorenzo Silvestri. Only Messi can play one-two with opponent like a boss!
• Messi Vs Atletico : Messi Goal vs Atletico Madrid 2008/09 (Barcelona 3-4 Atletico) where he beat 3-4 Atletico defenders with just one body feint move.
• Messi Vs Uruguay : Messi under the wall free kick vs Uruguay 2012 in 2014 world cup qualifier match. Nothing more to say about this goal. Just brilliant.
• Messi Vs Atletico : Messi first goal vs Atletico Madrid for his hattrick 2010/11 where he beat 3-4 Madrid defenders by just one move to his left. He just castled to his left to make Atletico Madrid defenders colliding with each other.
• Messi Vs Atletico : Messi solo goal vs Atletico Madrid 2011/12 where he beat 4-5 Atletico players just by accelerating to his right. After one-two with Pedro in the corner he just bypassed the whole Atletico defense with just 2 moves. Its like Messi beat them without actually beating them!
• Messi Vs Sociedad : Messi solo goal vs Real Sociedad 2010/11 where he got 4 chances to shoot for a goal but decided to bypass the entire defense. He just run past them vertically from one side of the box to other and scored.

Enjoy these epic insane goals of Lionel Andres ‘Leo’ Messi in 1080p full HD and with English Commentary. The genius who sees the gap / space before seeing defenders / players around him. And then….. just ONE MOVE TO BEAT THEM ALL !!

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