Lionel Messi Fighting for His Teammates  ► Defending &

Lionel Messi Fighting for His Teammates ► Defending &

Messi Fights for His Teammates | Messi Protecting & Defending His Team Mates against Referees , Opposition Players , Rival Fans ||

When Lion El Messi Gets Angry !

Leo Messi is known as a humble guy. Or should we say Leo Messi WAS a humble guy !? Because nowadays Lionel Messi is getting involved in a lot of fights and creating a lot of controversies. There are a lot of angry moments in a match from Lionel Messi now. But is there any special reason behind his constant losing temper recently? Well, there may be a reason. Messi is the captain for Argentina and Barcelona (most of the time now). So he seems to have extra responsibility towards his teammates. So whenever they are in a situation when some temper is needed Messi is there. Recently many incidents like this happened. This compilation features such moments of Lionel Messi..

There are YouTube videos like « Teammates Fighting » or « Teammate Fights ». And here is MESSI for whom we can make  » Fighting against Others for His Teammates  » !! The most unique and rarest football fights video you will ever see !! Enjoy !!!!

In this compilation you will see :
~ Messi Protesting against Referee ,
~ Messi Cursing Opposition Fans ,
~ Messi Cursing Opposition Players ,
~ Messi Arguing with Referee & Players ,
~ Messi Taking Cards (Yellow Cards) for His Teammates ,
~ Messi Protecting His Teammates Opposition Fans ,
~ Messi Getting Angry for Fouls on Teammates ,
~ Messi Defending Teammates against Aggression of Rival Players ,

And ALL of them have only one purpose , protecting his teammates !

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Beard, bleached hair, tattoos and TEMPER !
Meet the new Lionel Messi……!

Lionel Andres Lio Messi Craziest Angry Moments , Fights, Brawls , Reactions vs Referee , Opposition Players & Fans to Save , Defend & Protect His Teammates | All Full Incidents | with Commentary | 1080p Full HD |

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