Lionel Messi ● 10 Greatest Solo Runs Ever ► Box to Box /

Lionel Messi ● 10 Greatest Solo Runs Ever  ► Box to Box /

Messi Best Solo Runs | Messi Top 10 Solo Runs Ever ||

Leo Messi is the KING of runs. La Pulga Atómica. Only he can get the feeling of carrying a ball from one side of the field to the other, from one half to the other, centre to box. Once Lionel Messi decides to take on players and go solo there is no stopping him! And it’s not only about the distance he covers in runs its about how many players he gets past on his way. Runs like these never happened in football and will never happen again. 50-55, 60-65, or even 70-75 yards long runs with the ball at his feet through 3-4-5-6 players…… Pele ?! Maradona ?! Best Player Ever ?! How many times did you see these in your whole life?! Here is the ultimate compilation on Messi greatest runs ever.

Who is the fastest player with the ball?
Who is the best dribbler ever?
Who is the one man army?
Who is the greatest player ever?
ALL the answers are in this video, Lionel Andres ‘Leo’ MESSI.

Messi Top 10 Runs:
This list was made based on distance covered for the runs. Of course these runs are dribbles but the list/ranking is made on how long the runs were not on how good the dribbles were. & NO GOALs included.
Messi 10 LONGEST Solo Runs Ever :
Vs Chile: Messi run from midfield to box vs Chile in 2012.
Vs Eibar: Messi run vs SD Eibar from own half to opposition half 2015.
Vs Spain: Messi run from own half to other half vs Spain 2010.
Vs Athletic Club: Messi run vs Athletic Bilbao 2011 from midfield to box.
Vs Atletico Madrid: Messi run vs Atletico 2009 from own half to box.
Vs Real Madrid: Messi run vs Real Madrid from own half to opposition box 2012.
Vs Chile: Messi run vs Chile 2016 from near corner of own half to opposition box.
Vs Nigeria: Messi run vs Nigeria from midfield into the box 2011.
Vs Athletic Bilbao: Messi run vs Athletic Club in 2012 Copa Del Rey final from midfield into the box.
Vs Atletico Madrid: Messi run vs Atletico Madrid 2011 from box to box. Camp Nou is more that 120 meters long. So Messi carried the ball 75-80 yards from one box to another.
How amazing the dribble is isn’t important. Messi dribble vs Eibar, Messi dribble vs Spain, Messi dribble vs Bilbao, Messi dribble vs Nigeria are way better than Messi dribble vs Atletico Madrid. But in Atletico Madrid dribble the run was almost 80 yards. That’s how the list has been made.

1. Per Kiilstofte – Battle of the Kings ,
2. Unknown ,
3. Unknown ,

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Lionel Messi – Longest & Fastest Solo Runs – Midfield to Box / Box to Box / Own Half to Opposition Half – 1080p Full HD.

~The Best Dribbler Ever:
Lionel Messi is the great dribbler never. He doesn’t do fancy tricks, useless showboating and more useless step-overs. He can just walk past the half of the opposition team. No other player takes as many player as Leo Messi, no one ever did and no one ever will. Other greats dealt with 2-3 players or 4-5 at best. Messi deals with 5-6-7! All others were short range dribblers. Messi is long range dribbler, THE only one who can dribble from one side of the field to other as many times as he wants.
~Greatest Player Ever:
Forget all other aspects of his game passing, finishing, free kicks, solo goals, chips, through balls, ball controls, controlling the the tempo,….forget all just focus on this long long range dribbles. Football history has a soft spot for dribblers and this player here took dribbling to a whole new level.
~Fastest Player with The Ball:
Yes, there are many players faster than Leo Messi in world football. But no one is faster than Messi with the ball. Kicking the ball and running behind is one thing and running with the ball attached to the foot through 3/4/5 players is another thing. Messi makes runs like the ball is an extra bone of his leg! Messi is the fastest footballer with the ball. He can virtually go from zero to hundred within seconds. Even the biggest arch rivals of Barca/Messi can not deny that. Like Raul Gonzalez once said , « The other day i saw one of his (Messi’s) games, he was running with the ball at a hundred percent full speed, i don’t know how many touches he took, maybe five or six, but the ball was glued to his foot, it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE! »

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