Barcelona star questions Guardiola on ‘exaggerated’ Messi-Raheem Sterling comparisons

Barcelona star Sergio Busquets revealed that he did not believe in former manager Pep Guardiola’s comparison of Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling with Lionel Messi. He further added that the claims were “very exaggerated”.

“Look, (Raheem) Sterling is a player with a big profile and a big potential. But comparing him to Leo Messi seems very exaggerated and not positive for the player,” Busquets was quoted as saying, by Mirror.

“What is true is that each one – both Messi and Sterling – are playing very big roles in their respective clubs. Sterling is a good player and can also have a lot of influence on the English national team.”

“But it is too early to compare him with Messi,” he concluded.

Sterling, scored 17 goals and recorded 10 assists for Manchester City during their Premier League-winning last season. This time around, he has already struck five times in four matches so far.

His form for the England national team has also been impressive, having recorded six goals and four assists from his four appearances in Euro 2020 qualifiers till date.

All of this is what led to Guardiola’s statement on the 24-year-old.

The former Barcelona manager reportedly claimed that Sterling has it in him to become a better footballer than even Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Quotes via Goal.

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