Raheem Sterling to join Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba with Pepsi endorsement

The deal with Pepsi is expected to be for a single year and will be a key part of their campaign leading into Euro 2020. Messi has been the face of Pepsi since before the 2014 World Cup finals and the major commercials tend to feature the Argentinian plus the player of the day. This season his co-star has been Mohamed Salah, confirmation of the Liverpool striker’s worldwide appeal.

Sterling has just this season left on his Nike boot deal and the American sportswear giant are keen to renew in the face of serious competition. Their subsidiary Air Jordan are considering moving into the football boot brand market, following their partnership with Paris Saint-Germain, and have approached Sterling over a possible deal.

On Wednesday following his performance against Kosovo in Southampton,  Sterling was shooting a campaign for Nike in his home London borough of Brent – where he grew up after moving from Jamaica as a child – near to Wembley Stadium.

As well as Pepsi, he has been courted by the men’s grooming multi-national Gillette. There has been interest from the Swedish clothing multinational H&M. He is already signed by Microsoft to promote the Xbox game console and EA Sports, publishers of the successful Fifa football video game.

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