Paul Pogba Has Spoken With Lionel Messi Zinedine Zidane About Move

Paul Pogba has spoken with Lionel Messi about the possibility of joining Barcelona.

Pogba’s future with Manchester United is uncertain as he’s sought a move. Pogba has also been connected to a move with Real Madrid.

“I know he’s spoken with a few players, but not (Sergio) Ramos, » said Mathias Pogba.

“Who? Oh, Messi. Sometimes, not always. Zlatan (Ibrahimovic). (Antoine) Griezmann, because of the national team.”

Mathias added: “I don’t know about anyone from Real Madrid. Oh, (Raphael) Varane, yes, and yes, with (Zinedine) Zidane, yes.”

Mathias expects his brother to eventually sign with Barcelona or Real Madrid.

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